Gajjar Darshit

Software Engineer, Virtusa Bangalore


Hello there! I’m Darshit Gajjar, a skilled software engineer with a passion for coding and an insatiable thirst for learning new technologies.I’m obsessed with creating mobile and web applications that make people’s lives better. I believe in using technology to solve real-world problems and create user-friendly solutions that people love to use.

In addition to my development skills, I’m also a huge DevOps enthusiast and continuously strive to improve software development processes. I’m a pro when it comes to JavaScript and React, and have the expertise to bring even the most complex projects to life.My dedication to my craft and passion for creating impactful solutions make me a valuable addition to any team.

By partnering with me, employers can expect to collaborate with an exceptional software engineer who is committed to delivering top-notch results. Let's work together to make something truly amazing!


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Full Stack Development and Aspiring Solution Architect
  • Amazon Web Services
  • DevOps
  • Competitive Coding and Open Source


  • B.E. in Computer Science (2016-2020)

    Goverment Engineering College,Bhavnagar(CGPA 8.0/10)


Tools & Technology

React Js and React Native


Node Js


MongoDb and My-Sql


Adobe Xd






Data visualization


Type Script


web app security


Socket Io


Ds & Algo


Test Driven Dev




Android Dev





online Courses and Projects


Team Leader of Final Year Project

Gec Bhavnagar

Oct 2019 – Present

This Project is under-devlopment


  • UI Design
  • Backend Handle
  • Web Services
  • Firebase cloud
  • Data Security
  • Google Vision Api and Voice recognisition
  • Deployment on Firestore or Google Cloud or AWS

NodeJS begginer to Pro


Apr 2019 – Oct 2019 online

this training takes 5-6 months to became expertise in NodeJs and Express JS

Training Information:

  • In this training i learn lot of like Encryptions security,XSS protection,CSRF Token Base security,Json WEB Token through secure WEB-Services

  • After Completion of my Training i Make MERN stack based Projects and Node JS and Pug JS based projects and many more


ReactJS devloper

LearnCode Online Inc under Hitesh Chodhary

Jun 2018 – Oct 2018 Online

Training Information:

  • I do reactJS training on LearnCode Online to 3-4 months.i make different type of ReactJs Projects that mention in Project section
  • In this training i learn Firebase,React Hook and Google Authentication and advanced authentication and REST WebAPi calling.

Treakmaker Robotics

Gec Bhavnagar

Jun 2017 – Oct 2017

In this project we make the Robotics car for college event and fight that robot car to other car :-)

Responsibilities include:

  • Handle Whole Project
  • Time to Time check work
  • Guide the team

IOT training at Nirma University

Nirma University

Jan 2017 – Dec 2018 Ahemedabad

Training Information:

  • foreign mentor give the information about IOT model and brief Idea about and how to implement in real-world and solve problem.
  • They Give introduce Arduino & Raspberry Pi and How to work with it.

Work Experience

Professional Experience



Jun 2022 – Present Bangalore

I worked on Trellix(MacAfee + FireEye) project. I worked on the cutting edge technologies like React Js, TypeScript, MicroFrontEnd, Jest, react Testing library, Formik, BPMN model, Automation, Drone, CI and CD, GitHub Enterprise, Ember, and Swagger Doc to build innovative solutions.

Our talented and motivated team is dedicated to delivering top-quality products. We’re proud to have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including a leading security company. Be a part of our success story and help us shape the future of software development!


JEST and RTL, Agile Web Development, TypeScript, Redux.js, Webpack, Micro FrontEnd, SASS, CI/CD Pipelines, Web Development - API integration


E-Delta Company

May 2021 – Mar 2022 Ahmedabad

I worked on the Canadian Health Minister project this project on the web and as well as on an android. we were building App to compete the Practo HealthCare App.


Serverless Functions, IAM, DynamoDB, API Gateway, Function Deployment, Testing the Functions,Cognito,VPC, Lambda, EC2, Microservice Architecture, Cache Mechanism, Cloud-Watch, CI and CD

React, Twilio, Redux, Redux Saga



Jun 2020 – Apr 2021 Remote

I worked on the Uber and Zerodha to improve their code base and suggest the code review to developer and Technical Stuffs to provide better quality product.

Learning: React Js, TypeScript, JavaScript, Node Js


Volansys Technology Pvt Ltd

Dec 2019 – Jun 2020 Ahmedabad


Node Js, Express Js, Serverless, React Js, AWS



AWS Solution Architect Associate

I Learned the All AWS Concepts scratch to All, with Implementation
See certificate

Master Ds & Algorithm

currently I learn this course and master my Ds & Algo Fundamentals in Geek for Geeks

Protect your Identity and protect himself to online cyber attack

In this course I learned Different cyber security concept
See certificate

ReactJs course

In this course I learned lot of thing Node js and expressJs like How to give the web app security through JWT,CSRF protection,XSS protection,Firebase,PugJs,Encryption password system,MongoDB,Mysql,sequelizeJS,Mongoose,SocketIo,Advanced Authentication
See certificate

Adobe Xd Designer

In this course I learned Adobe Xd Different Concept and prototyping
See certificate

React Native Mobile Devlopment(Android & IOS)

In this Course I learned How to Build Mobile from scratch to pro

Expert Git and GitHub

In this course I learned lot of thing how to work with the team and how to create branch and some time any code problem occur how to handled that
See certificate

Technical Blogs

In this section I will share Technical blog and Articles


Showcasing to my Work


AI and OCR App

Under Devlopment Phase

Android Game

Under Devlopment Phase


This is Mern Stack based Projects. In this Web App I Give high security Give Like CSRF Protection,Password Encryption ,xss protected App and JWT

Github Repo

I have 67 various technology experience.I am Unable to put my all projects on cloud.so I make vary detailed repo on GitHub

Healthy Baba App

this project is under development stage


This is My React,Firebase,Encrypted Password System,Google/FaceBook Authentication base and Highly secured and Data-Visualization base Single Page Application.

PandaChatting App

this is messenger App.In this app i give try to make like my group chat whatsApp.so I make this app in various technology like reactJs,ExpressJs,MongoDB,JWT and encrypted password system